In this episode the Coopers discuss what friendship means to them. Anais wants nothing to do with work over the summer, DJ contemplates his future on the podcast, Nikki sees beyond the ring and Derrick is not a mind reader. It’s another fun and insightful episode you do not want to miss.


The Coopers are back and in this episode they discuss what happiness means to them and what makes them happy. Anais has an update on her BBQ bacon boat, Nikki gets exposed about her nibbling ways, DJ discusses the shimmy and Derrick spins out of control. Its ¬†another funny and heartwarming episode you won’t want […]


In this episode the Coopers stop being polite and start getting real about what they want to see more of and less of from each other. Anais feels the wrath of weasels, Nikki gets stung by parking tickets, Derrick debuts an original song and DJ is a bad dude. Tune in for all this and […]


In this episode the Coopers discuss some of their goals in life, the work they’re doing to achieve them and what they do when roadblocks come. Derrick and Nikki hit a marriage rough patch and Anais and DJ have a Kyrie size disagreement. Did Coop and the Wednesday Night Warriors get the Cship and what’s […]


In this episode the Coopers discuss what they worry about and how they cope with it. Derrick’s knee plays tricks on him and Nikki has a Homer Simpson moment. Anais needs a midnight swim DJ perseveres to get back into the swing of things and gives his picks for Rookie of the year and MVP […]


In this episode the Coopers discuss what family traditions they want to keep and which ones they plan on tossing. Derrick shares the highlights from his birthday game night and why Halloween and Super Bowl should be national holidays. Nikki discusses a personal setback and the steps she took to overcome it. DJ gives his […]


This week the Coopers discuss the last time each of them had to be brave, the worst tennis date ever, Denzel tears, Anais and DJ’s decision about student council and meaty balls!

Respect Baby Steps

In this episode the Coopers discuss Spring Break, summer blockbusters and student life. Anais is considering running for student body president. Will her family support her decision?